From Apart Hotel Adler to Adler Resort - What is behind it?


38 Jahre gibt es das Apart Hotel ADLER jetzt in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

We have hosted thousands of guests over the years, who have slept, dined, celebrated, relaxed and enjoyed their holiday. Now - spring 2016 – we are creating something completely new; the ADLER RESORT. But why making such a big change? Our editor Luisa has posed this question in an interview to Albert Junior and Senior Albert.

Luisa: For the last few months there has been a major renovation project in progress. What changes can be expected?

Albert Schwaighofer Senior.

Albert Schwaighofer sen. founded the Apart Hotel ADLER in 1978 and led the construction of the ADLER RESORT.

Albert senior: Over the years we have been able to purchase some land and smaller houses, located directly next to the main house- Apart hotel Adler. As a result, it has become possible for us to take another big step in our development and build the Residence Adler, with several new apartments. The new apartments in Residence Adler, which are being sold privately, will then be available for rental use through us for our guests staying at ADLER RESORT. This concept has come across very positively: the buyer then has the ownership of the Apartment for vacation use while our guests benefit from the exceptionally spacious apartments, as well as the use of all the new resort facilities such as the spa area with sauna, steam room, outdoor pool and relaxation area. Also important for us are the new and improved infrastructure of the parking garages, lifts and many more detailed amenities that will delight our guests.

Luisa: Indeed, many improvements. But the construction phase is not yet completed! What is still to come in the future?

Albert senior: Yes, we are still currently in our construction and renovation stage until July when we will be open again. During this time, we also plan to fully renovate our apartments in the main house. Our layout in the main building will be slightly amended, new technology throughout, and of course all the furnishings and equipment in the apartments will be new. Even our excellent employees have not been forgotten, the staff accommodations will also be renovated with each room getting it's own on-suite. At the same time the so-called north wing will be built, on the 4th floor, this will be the location for our new restaurant and kitchen.

Luisa: And there will be a second restaurant, right?

Albert senior: Yes, exactly. In addition to our current buffet restaurant, there will be a separate new à la carte restaurant – though I will provide more details about this at a later date. This much can be already revealed: the view overlooking Hinterglemm and towards the lit up night ski slope is spectacular. We are already looking forward to welcoming our first guests and enjoying the view with a glass of bubbly.

Luisa: Albert junior, and you have chosen a new name, how did that come about?

Albert Schwaighofer Junior.

Albert Schwaighofer jun. was now 14 years in the Apart Hotel ADLER and will now continue to build up the ADLER RESORT with a lot of passion

Albert junior: What has always been clear is that the ADLER stays. But we felt that our new concept needed a new name that could describe us better and what we will be able to offer our guests. The term 'resort' fitted together with what we are able to offer our guests as we now have a wide range of facilities to choose from e.g. our catering or leisure facilities.

Luisa: What was particularly important for you in the development of this new concept?

Albert junior: It was important for us from the outset that our guests can enjoy their holiday as we like to when we are ourselves away on vacation. We love to be totally independent with the freedom to enjoy every day as we would like to. For us, a perfect week at the ADLER RESORT would look like this for example; we would take four days on the all-inclusive package, then three days as self-catering so that we can go sample what other delights there are offered in the area from the traditional Alpen huts, local restaurants in town or in the new à la carte restaurant at the ADLER RESORT. This concept therefore gives our guests the freedom to choose what suits best on a daily basis, between our all-inclusive package, breakfast only or self-catering option, to create the perfect tailor made holiday for each guest that stays with us.

Luisa: Even the pricing strategy has changed - correct?

Albert junior: Yes, that´s right. We will no longer just have a fixed price list per seasons, but instead be more flexible and offer guests a choice of four different tariffs. The first rate offers the most flexibility with free cancellation up to 2 days prior to the arrival date, it is therefore the most expensive rate. Then there are our discounted rates from the apartment price: a 5% discount for bookings of 7+ nights; a 15% discount for our early bird bookings, that are made at least 90 days prior to arrival; and the non-refundable rate with a 20% discount on the apartment price, where the total amount is payable in advance.

Luisa: As your slogan you have chosen "You are Eagle". What does "You are Eagle" mean to you?

Albert junior: "You are Eagle" to me means a way of life - freedom - fun - nature. Simply the best time of year spent with your friends or family to enjoy and be free. But it also means a lot to me personally, as I am a hotelier with heart and soul. It's wonderful to see when the ADLER RESORT becomes a special place through all the beautiful and amazing experiences and moments our guests experience here with us. Everyone can decide for themselves what exactly that special moment is; maybe for the children it will be having plenty of fun in the Kids Area, for grandma perhaps the sunny spot on the balcony with a warm cup of coffee and for sporty ones the experience on the slopes and après ski afterwards in Hinterglemm.

Luisa: Albert senior, do you already have a favourite spot in the ADLER RESORT?

Albert senior: The Lounge area on the roof top of the main house is already a favourite place. Here, one can retreat and reflect, forge new ideas or simply enjoy the sun.

Luisa: You have built up the Aparthotel ADLER over years. Don't you sometimes feel a little bit nostalgic looking back?

Albert senior: No quite the opposite. I am delighted that we have been able to make this developmental step for our guests! In future all our guests will be staying in lovely apartments with the option to personally create their individual holiday. And that is a wonderful thing.

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