The alpine rose – learn more about the rhododendron plant


The alpine rose is one of the most beautiful flowers of the Alps. It is also called the hairy alpenrose (or alpen rose) and belongs to the genus Rhododendron with its Latin name being Rhododendron ferrugineum.

In this blog post, we would like to introduce this Alpine beauty. When does the alpine rose grow? Where can you find it?

When do alpine roses grow?

In Saalbach Hinterglemm, the typical blooming period of the alpine rose is from mid-June to mid-July. During this time, entire hillsides blossom in a vibrant pink, making it a true joy to hike on these alpine pastures and slopes. An experience of nature’s most beautiful side that our guests will remember for a long time. Here

How to recognize an alpine rose

The alpen rose grows as an evergreen shrub with strong branches and twigs, reaching a growth height of 30-50 cm. The plant can age up to around 100 years. The petiolate blossoms are 5 – 8 millimetre long and make up multiple compound inflorescences. The five deep pink to vibrant red petals connate widely and funnel-shaped. Starting in early August, the capsule fruit start to ripen. They rip open starting from the top, hence their seed can only be dispersed in severe wind conditions.

Where to find alpine roses

Several locations are home to alpine roses:

  • In the alps
  • The Pyrenees
  • The Jura Mountains
  • The Apennines
  • The Carpathians
  • The Balkan Peninsula

Usually, the alpine rose can be found in altitudes of 500 to 2,800 metres, preferably in light bushes, dwarf-shrub meadows and crooked wood bushes. In wintertime, the plant needs a protective snow blanket to prevent it from freezing.

Is the alpine rose poisonous?

Like many other rhododendron species, the alpine rose is highly poisonous. Due to the lack of food sources in the winter, ruminants are particularly vulnerable to the poison. However, the alpine rose is also poisonous to humans!

Alpine roses are under conservation. So, please do not pluck them but rather take as many photos as you like. These will also last longer as a plucked bouquet would wither rather quickly.

ADLER RESORT tip: The Alpine Rose Hiking Trail

Our tips for alpine roses in Saalbach Hinterglemm (although we cannot guarantee that they will bloom – one can’t force nature):

In the head of the valley of Hinterglemm lies the alpine rose hiking trail. It will conveniently lead you to the alpine roses that grow in the head of the valley. Many alpine roses grow around the western peak of the Schattberg mountain, which can easily be reached via a hiking trail. Hikers who keep their eyes open will find many more places where the most beautiful of all alpine flowers grow.

After spending the day exploring and scouting the area for alpine roses, we at the ADLER RESORT will be happy to welcome you as a guest. Relaxation, culinary highlights, adventure – your address in Saalbach Hinterglemm. Book now.

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